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I have been attempting to get Act! Premium v The subscription model is great, you just collect and updates can remain vaporware whilst the consuming public awaits the great rollout promised in exchange for signing up for a renewal.

act pro v19

Okay, Snarky is finished. Now the problem:. I get this error message upon opening any Act! Unable to cast COM object of type 'Microsoft. ApplicationClass' to interface type 'Microsoft.

Is there something missing to get it to work? When I install Word 32bit after going through all the uninstall and reinstall process for both Act!

Letters and envelopes are gorgeous. I'm pretty sure it would work with Outlook as well. I've read some posts and for me, the "click to run" distinction does not exist. Installing from the internet and not from a disk or MSI is not necessary to get Word from Office to work in 32bit.

So what gives? Is it mapped incorrectly or the interface not registered with Act! I need to run the 64bit for something else, not necessarily for Act! My work requires me to work on a huge spreadsheet in Excel daily for a few minutes. It should not require me to uninstall Office 32bit to reinstall Office 64bit because Act! Does anyone else experience this message when attempting to run Act! Any answers as to how it works for Swiftpage but not for my law office?

After installing the bit version of Office did you uninstall ACT! The process was to uninstall Act! Reverse all of the above and do them again, but this time after testing Office 64bit install, run Office Repair long version and proceed with remaining steps. Error still occurs. Uninstall all that and reinstall but this time use 32bit Officegorgeous output from the mail merge, not unlike what I had experienced with Act! In each install, the folders formerly holding the installed software were deleted "as administrator" so no remnants of files should have been a problem.

In addition, each installation file was re-downloaded each time so any errors in downloading would have been controlled for in the second test. More than you asked for, but that's the process TWICE, so it is repeatable on the same machine, and on two different machines running side by side, so it is repeatable across multiple machines. It all works using Act! The sole distinction is running Office 64bit. Identical results were obtained following these procedures on an iMac Fall 5k Retina with the same software configurations.

Thanks for getting back to me on the issue.This computer is used whilst I am not present by my colleagues. Is there anyway of disabling menu items or any method to prevent other users accessing certain functions or even editing field data?

Act! Pro v19 System Requirements

I get the fact that you can set a password, but this doesn't help, because once "you are in" all menus are available.

Upgrade your current license to the new version PRO V View solution in original post. I would have thought with all this GDP legislation there would be some kind of default data transfer protection. Simple answer is to create new Browse only users which do not take up a licence and then change your password and do not share it.

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

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Search instead for. Do you mean. Community : Product Forums : Act! Any help would be most apprciated! Report Inappropriate Content. Message 1 of 7 1, Views. Reply 0 Kudos. Accepted Solutions. Accepted by topic author UFO. Message 2 of 7 1, Views. All Replies. Does V20 allow multiple users by default? Message 3 of 7 1, Views.Pro is a customer relationship management desktop program used to keep track of client and prospect details in a single database that can be shared by up to ten users.

Includes all the basic Act! Specializing in CRM software for small to medium sized businesses, through expert counsel, deployment, hosting, support, and development services. Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada. Refund Policy.

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act pro v19

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Database Repair Software Development Act!In edition, my mailbox is running over with emails asking me what is going on with Act Pro pricing. Yes, it is true that the Act Pro product is being discontinued but it does not mean that you have to panic. You have a number of options and things to understand.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. We have the Act Pro v Would like to have a 2nd user license so we can assign tasks, but were told we would have to purchase a new version. Is this true? What is your recommendation for us. I appreciate whatever help you can give. There is so much misinformation floating around about Act. At this time you can still purchase an additional copy of Act v19 Pro.

Once you make your purchase all you would need to do is refresh your activation and add the new user to your database. The synch would work exactly like it does now. However, you will not be able to add additional licenses after June 30, Welcome to TechBenders.

Yes, you can still purchase Act Pro v22 up until June 30, when it will be discontinued. There are no volume discounts for the Pro product. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. E-Store Act! Growth Suite Act! Pro Act! Addons Act! Consulting Act! Database 0 Items. First the fine print: If you have ACT! As of June, there will be no additional support for the Pro product.

Pro versions. Pro v22 for free when it is released in Mid-November. This promotion is good through mid-November, Yes, this is a yearly subscription. Albert J Lee on February 5, at am. Do you still offer ACT! Thank you. Karen on February 5, at am.View solution in original post. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

V19 Outlook Addin Reinstallation

Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Community : Product Forums : Act! I have ACT Pro AFter windows 10 updated yesterday. I don't have a password. I'm single user. Report Inappropriate Content. Message 1 of 5 2, Views. Reply 0 Kudos. Accepted Solutions. Accepted by topic author RJacks. Go to Run and type in services. Message 3 of 5 3, Views. All Replies.

In order to access this database, check your network connection and verify that your database server is available. It may be necessary to disable any firewall software on your computer or the server.

I am a single user - no server. I have not made any changes to my computer firewall, etc. Can someone please help me figure this out. I can't get to my record database - UGH!!! Thanks in advance. Message 2 of 5 2, Views.All minimum system requirements are based on a single-user environment one computer accessing a local databaseand do not represent requirements for optimum performance of your Act!

Customer registration and activation are required. Your system must meet the minimum requirements to be eligible for technical support. If you would like to use a different edition of SQL Server other than the one provided, please consult Microsoft documentation for specific requirements for that edition. Higher specification PCs and networks will improve performance, and may be recommended for certain Operating System choices.

Consult Microsoft documentation for more details. Anti-Virus products are recommended but should be disabled during install and re-enabled afterwards. As with any Anti-Virus product, some configuration may be required for Act!

All rights reserved. Swiftpage, Act! LLC, or its affiliated entities. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Free trial. Pro v19 System Requirements. System Requirements 1. Works With. Supported Operating Systems 4. New to Act!? About Act! Popular links What's new Getting Started Act! Connect with Act! Stay in the know!

act pro v19

Sign up for emails from Act! Additional disk space may be required as local database size increases.

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Windows Server support requires Act! Server Core installations of Windows Server R2 are not supported.At Exponenciel, we have developed the following add-ons to provide you with these important missing functionalities:. Store and retrieve your contact, company, group and opportunity list views, ie. Map the fields of your PDF forms to Act! Add your own lead times to the Alarm drop-down list in the Schedule Activity window. Feel frustrated by the lack of snooze interval options when snoozing an alarm?

You shouldn't anymore. Create as many snooze options as you want with Additional Alarm Snooze Options. With Advanced Activity ColorCoding, you may automatically assign a color to your activities based on the user the activity is scheduled for, the type of activity standard like meeting, call, to-do or custom or the priority of the activity. All the information you want can now be displayed in the Calendar view or on your smart phone! This add-on allows you to populate 2 fields of the Activity window the location and details fields with any contact fields of your choice for instance, the contact's address, phone number, etc.

Avoid heavy penalties by complying to FTC rules which require telemarketers to scrub their call list every 31 days. Advanced Dropdown Lists allows you to create field dropdown lists which items depend on another field value.

It simplifies data entry and ensures that the user is presented with dropdown options relevant to the information already entered in other fields.

Can I stop colleages copying database (ACT pro v19 standalone Desktop)

Ever wished you could merge contact, company, group or opportunity fields in your Excel spreadsheets? You create a Template using a method similar to the one you use when creating a Word template in ACT!. Merging is as easy as with Word. Easily export data from multiple Act! Advanced Layout Tools Pack offers numerous productivity tools to add to your layouts: for instance a button to launch a program, a button to display data entry tips, a button to open a document, a field which calculates the age automatically or shows the next activity scheduled, tabs and groupbox to conveniently layout your fields, advanced picture fields and a lot more.

Advanced Lookup by Groups is a must-have for group users. It allows you to create contact lookups based on group membership.

You may create cross-sections of groups, add groups together, create lookups of contacts belonging to one or more groups but not to other group s. You may reverse a lookup, create a lookup of groupless contacts, contacts who belong to at least one group more than one group, etc. Automatic Data Entry From Table automatically fills in up to 30 different fields based on the value you enter in a reference field, so that you do not always have to retype the same data sequence.

Automatic calculations are made easy with Automatic Field Calculationswhich allows users to make any calculation using your ACT! Calculations may be either manually or automatically run when you change the value of a field.

This way, you can automatically perform the calculation when one of the fields involved is modified. More than 50 functions are supported: conditional statements, financial and statistical functions. Create Web forms and surveys directly from within ACT! Import data right in. Automatically number your contacts, companies, groups or opportunities.

The AutoNumber may include an automatically incremented number, one or more fields of the record, system variable like date and timeetc. May run in fully automatic mode at time of creation of record, in automatic mode with a confirmation screen or in manual mode. Know how every time you mark a meeting as complete, the Last Meeting date gets updated? You can now create the same type of automation when closing any type of activity.

And more Adds a Now button to the Clear Activity window to set the clear activity date to now. Create visual clues to identify records meeting your pre-defined criterias in Contact, Company, Group, Opportunity, Task and History views as well as under your Detail view tabs.